Day Of

Day Of:

Sunday, August 28 10am
Great New York State Fair
581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13209

Registration on August 28 is $50 but register before to get discounted pricing.

Only use the Main Gate entrance to the Fair, which will open at 8:30am!
We will be waiting there with your registration packets and ready to compliment you on your bubblicious running attire.
Once registered-we will meet you in our Bubble Swag tent by Chevy Court.

Post Event Info

Everyone will be rocking at Chevy Court when you reach the finish line, where you will be greeted by host Amy Robbins from 93Q!  Music, food and bubbly fun will be provided, so stick around for more fun!  With every registration you receive a ticket to the Great New York State Fair.  So enjoy all the food vendors, rides and midway full of games. (check out their Facebook page)

7 comments on “Day Of
  1. acrhealth says:

    6 and under are free!
    7-16 are half off.
    Let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. acrhealth says:

    Morning Tiffany, You will have access to the Chevy Court bathrooms to get cleaned up. One of the last obstacles is the Fire truck spraying water—so you can get really clean! Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

  3. acrhealth says:

    There is! Bag check is by the bathrooms in Chevy Court. All items must be picked up right after the race.

  4. Kelly says:

    How long is the course? Is it something that I would be able to do with my four year old?

    • acrhealth says:

      It is absolutely a course your 4 year old can do. There was a lot of young people running last year and had an absolute blast!
      Course is two 1/2 miles. We had an even shorter course last year for the youth but nobody took it–they want all the bubbles they can get!

  5. krugeravid says:

    Hello – I wasn’t originally going to have my son do it. He has recently decided he wants to. He is 4 and would therefore be free. Do I need to officially sign him in day of or can he just go with me? Thank you/

    • acrhealth says:

      All runners need to be registered for safety purposes (we also have you sign a photo release as many photos are taken on the day of the race), and because he will be running for free, he will not be receiving a tshirt although there will be some bubble swag under the pavilion and all of the donuts “bubbles” he can eat!!

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